October 3, 2022

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How to add structured data

Brief notes:

The term structured data refers to all types of data that are structured or organized in any form.


we before enter into the topic let see the hints of  what is the structured data markup

Helper and the sketchy information about it.

Fine, hey guys follow me to catch the points haahaa……

 Structured Data testing tool is a tool from Google which is an easy and excellent way to enhance the ranking for your site.

Is it so? Yes, Let see how it works

Fine, the structured data markup is a universally shared language format that enables the search engine to understand the information better and returns the best results for users


  • Firstly open the markup helper tool and get enter into it and sign in to the account
  • Choose the tab either a website or an email to add structured data markup
  • If you get it into this, there would be various types of data are given to you that in which select the type you want
  • Select it and then paste the URL  which one you are going to be
  • After it starts tagging once the process over finally you will shift to the start tagging data
  • Select the data and identify its data type

Okay, VIP,

How do we know what the data should be marked up?

It is on the right side of the markup helper page. By clicking the “add missing tag” select  the tag which you

want and add the label that’s what I said as hint above.

  • Create HTML

How to add structured data

VIP, what you have said is very clear, but how this?

Yeah, let me tell you I hope you all done the process, which I mentioned above.

The last but not least create an HTML tag is above my data items tab. The display converts to  HTML   display. Their yellow color

alerts you to added markup also you can add/view JSON-LD and microdata if you prefer.

Note: Google prefers Microdata

  • Download or add microdata for your HTML
  • Finally, test the markup data that you have created.